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Company Name      Bell Rock LLC.

Head Office              1-19-19  Nishiogiminami  Suginami  Tokyo 167-0053 Store name              Greenbecks-CANDLE – Tel                              81-3-5941-7554

Established               January 2015

-Start production of candles from 2010 as Greenbecks CANDLE -Launched illumination and illumination business from 2014 as Greenbecks LIGHTNING

Representative          MASAAKI TAKAHASHI

Business content Candle design, manufacture, import and sale Design, manufacture, import and sale of lighting fixtures Design planning and production of indoor and outdoor space decoration Planning and management of craft classes Any work related or incidental to the preceding items

WEB:       Bell Rock LLC.                      bellrock.jp WEB:       Greenbecks CANDLE          g-becks.com

“Always have the sun in your heart”

People have used “fire” since ancient times.

Using that light as lighting, with that heat, cooking, warming up, sometimes praying.

From the long history of fire and humans, it is only recently that I have not seen the swaying flames in my daily life.

It does not have to be everyday, why do not you turn off the light and light the candle?

Tired night. Little sad night. Worryed night. Lonely night. Cold night.

Night to talk with myself. Night to want someone to remenber. Night to want to pray for something. Night a wonderful person is on the side. Nice night.

Flame and its vibes have gentle power to envelop the human mind.

If your gentle heart grows bigger than now, the world around you will be more beautiful than it is now.

For someone, for myself, always keep the sun in the heart.